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AMP® transforms the communication between staff around each athlete and makes tracking and scouting new talent faster. Having all of our data in one place is key for us and the AMP® developers have ensured that we can keep using our existing software.
AMP® allows us to manage and display all of our player information, saving time that can be dedicated to advancing player development and other processes.

Our Features

Simple Dashboard

Single, easy to use platform to manage your entire team

Performance Tools

Track, evaluate, test & analyze performance


Coaches & staff easily share feedback, media & data

Player Engagement

Transparent access to feedback motivates athletes

Team Education

Share & store educational resources, video & data


Access AMP® from your computer, iPhone, iPad or mobile device

AMP® Mobile Apps: Coach and Athlete

The AMP® Coach app allows coaches to remotely log training sessions and add comments to their athletes' profiles. For more information, and more screenshots, visit the AMP Coach app in the App Store:

The AMP® Athlete app provides players the capability to track their daily wellness. Athletes can record statistics such as heart rate, hours slept, stress level and motivation. Coaches will be alerted of outliers and requests for contact.

Visit the App Store to see screenshots and download the app:

Custom Integration

AMP® believes that integration is easier and more important than custom development. Integrating your current system eases transition, keeps your costs down and allows us to focus on innovation instead of recreating features and data. You can count on our expert team to import data, integrate systems and build solutions for your team's requirements.

For more information on integrating your data, please contact us.

What's New



After 3 years of development, AMP® has grown from a simple tool used by sports scientists working with the US Olympic Ski and Snowboard Association to a comprehensive software platform ready for the demands of any elite sports team.

By working closely with olympic and professional teams, the AMP® team has developed unparalleled software expertise and an extensive knowledge of high performance athletics.

At AMP® every customer is family. We strive to understand each team's unique needs and are ready to create solutions for those challenges.

Lets work together to bring your team to the next level.